Fire Country Season 2: What We Know About The CBS Drama

The firefighters of CalFire and Three Rock stole our hearts when Season 1 of Fire Country debuted on CBS. The series became such a hit, it was renewed last January, and now, Season 2 is finally here. So, now that we're back in Edgewater and catching up with the crew of Max Thieriot’s firefighter show, let’s go over what we know about the second installment of the hit drama. 

How To Watch Season 2 Of Fire Country

Bode and other firefighters on Fire Country

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Not long after the SAG-AFTRA strike ended, CBS announced the return dates for many shows, including Fire Country. Bode and co. returned for Season 2 on Friday, February 16, and now episodes are airing weekly on CBS. 

Now that it’s premiered on the 2024 TV schedule, fans can see what’s going on in Edgewater every Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, or they can stream the episode the day after it airs with a Paramount+ subscription.

Breaking Down Fire Country’s Season 2 Cast

From left to right: two 3 Rock fire fighters, Gabrielle, Eve and Jake standing on a bridge

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The original cast of Fire Country has returned for Season 2. This includes Max Thieriot as the lead, Bode Donovan – the actor also serves as the show’s co-creator and executive producer. Along with him, Three-Rock staple, Kevin Alejandro’s Manny is back. 

Cal Fire regulars will also be returning, as well. This includes our protagonist's parents, Vince and Sharon, who are portrayed by Billy Burke and Diane Farr, respectively. Jules Latimer’s Eve and Jordan Calloway’s Jake are also back as vital parts of the fire crew. Rounding out the regulars is Stephanie Arcila, who plays Manny’s daughter and Max Thieriot's character's love interest, Gabriela. 

Vince’s brother, Luke Leone, also made his comeback with Michael Trucco returning. 

New faces were also added to the crew as Rafael De La Fuente joined Fire Country as Diego, a paramedic/firefighter and Gabriela’s new love interest. Also, Morena Baccarin will play a sheriff, and her role reportedly has the potential to get its own show.

Along with this regular cast, it’s also possible we could see the return of guest stars like Kanoa Goo’s Kyle, who was a friend of Gabriela’s. Once Upon A Time’s Rebecca Mader, who showed up as Faye, a woman in charge of a problematic private firefighting company, could also come back. It’s also always possible we’ll get more flashbacks of Bode’s late sister Riley, who is played by Jade Pettyjohn

With these returning characters, we’re also guaranteed to get more new folks coming to Edgewater as well. Season 1 was always bringing in new guest stars, so I’d imagine the same will be true for Season 2. 

Season 2 Of Fire Country Deals With Bode’s Return To Edgewater After Being In Prison (Again)

From left to right, a lawyer sitting down and Bode standing up from a table during his hearing in the Fire Country Season 1 finale.

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Season 1 of Fire Country ended with a massive cliffhanger. After spending the entire season trying to get paroled, Bode was not granted his freedom. He ended up taking the blame for a drug problem at the fire camp that he had nothing to do with, and in return was sent back to prison. 

Obviously, this major life change also impacted his friends and family. Billy Burke, who plays his dad, Vince, told Insider he doesn't think his character will care if his kid lied or not, he simply “wants his son back.” However, Sharon, his mom, is on the other side of the spectrum, as Diane Farr said her character is “just done.” 

Well, now Bode is back in Edgewater after a six-month stint in prison. When he returned to Three Rock, he was met with the news that Gabriela was engaged, and while he claimed he was happy for her, clearly it was more complex than that. 

Along with this bombshell, a lot has changed in Bode’s hometown since he left, and Season 2 will see him and his loved ones dealing with all of that. 

Two Cast Members Directed Episodes Last Season, And It Will Happen Again In Season 2

Max Thieriot talking to Billy Burke and Diane Farr while directing Episode 21 of Fire Country.

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During Season 1, both Kevin Alejandro and Max Thieriot directed an episode, and the Manny actor confirmed to direct Episode 2 of Season 2, while the Bode performer will helm Episode 6, per TV Insider

Alejandro directed the mid-season finale in Season 1, and before that, he led four episodes of Lucifer, which he also starred in. 

Following the Manny actor’s turn in the director’s chair, Thieriot took over for an episode in the latter half of the season. Kanoa Goo, who played Kyle in the episode the star/writer/executive producer helmed, said this about the Bode actor in an interview with CinemaBlend:

He's wonderful. I was really taken with how calm he was on set, and just how confident and honestly just loving [he was]. He was so so kind and so warm to everybody, and I could tell that from my first episode. It makes a difference when the people that are in charge and running things have that type of open energy to their cast and their crew.

Considering Thieriot is extremely involved in all aspects of the show, and Alejandro’s experience directing, it makes sense that they’re coming back to direct. Now, the question is: Will any of their other castmates join them?

There Could Be Fire Country Spin-Offs

From left to right: Manny holding a phone, Sharon and Bode looking at him as they find out who the arsonist is.

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There’s potential for Fire Country to expand outside of this one show. Much like the worlds of One Chicago and Grey’s Anatomy, there’s talk about Thieriot’s show growing into a franchise. 

CBS Chief George Cheeks said the firefighter procedural “completely lends itself to building out a whole new universe.” So, now that we have Season 2, it seems like we should also be on the lookout for possible spinoffs and an eventual franchise. 

Even though nothing has been confirmed about a spinoff, there’s been talk about how Morena Baccarin’s Sheriff Mickey could lead another show within this universe. Speaking about the Deadpool actress’s new character, who will be introduced in Episode 6, executive producer Tony Phelan told TV Insider why this is a natural way to potentially expand the Fire Country universe:

And also just to expand Edgewater, our town, in terms of the different people who live there and there are so many opportunities for public service up there. Just when we were doing our research on these little towns up in Northern California, you really see this great civic spirit that I think the audience has reacted to positively, and looking for different ways of showing that is something that really excites us.

Is Fire Country Renewed For Season 3?

Max Thieriot as Bode talking to his captain in Fire Country.

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As of February 2024, two weeks after the Season 2 premiere, Fire Country has not been renewed for Season 3. However, considering the high viewership of Season 1 and all the talk about potential spinoffs, it’d be very surprising if we don’t see Bode and his crew back fighting fire for another season. We’ll be sure to update if and when there’s news about the future of the series behind Season 2. 

While there are still some major questions we have about Season 2, there’s one thing we know for sure: We are finally back in Edgewater. Based on Season 2’s first episodes, the explosive finale and the stories that were left open-ended, there’s a lot to talk about in this upcoming season. As we learn more about it, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

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