'Mean Girls' Video Interviews With Reneé Rapp, Tina Fey, Angourie Rice And More

Get in loser, the "Mean Girls" cast is here to spill on all their favorite iconic lines, behind-the-scenes details, and even how Harry Styles almost got a part. Creator Tina Fey, who also returns as "Ms. Norbury" is joined by cast members Reneé Rapp (”Regina George”), Christopher Briney (”Aaron Samuels”), Angourie Rice (”Cady Heron”), Auli’i Cravalho (”Janis ‘Imi’ike”), Jaquel Spivey (”Damian Hubbard”), Avantika (”Karen Shetty”) and Bebe Wood ("Gretchen Wieners”) as well as Directors Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr.

Video Chapters: 

00:00 - Intro / Favorite OG Lines Tease

00:24 - Reneé Rapp On Regina George's Physicality

01:16 - Jaquel Spivey On Bringing A New Damian To Life

01:56 - Auli’i Cravalho's Reaction To Janis's Queerness In The Remake

02:41 - 'Mean Girls' Cast Members On Working With Tina Fey On Set

04:41 - 'Mean Girls' Directors Praise New Cast's Take On Classic Characters

04:14 - Tina Fey On Returning As Ms. Norbury With Tim Meadows As Principal Duvall

05:01 - How Avantika Got Into Character As Karen

05:37 - Tina Fey Discusses Referencing Classic Lines While Keeping Jokes Fresh

06:35 - 'Mean Girls' Cast Members Recall Their Favorite OG Lines

07:47 - How Harry Styles Was Almost Cast, According To The Directors

08:45 - Tina Fey & Directors Discuss Adapting For The Stage And Screen (Again)

10:58 - Outro / Behind The Scenes Clips

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