Mike Reyes

Mike Reyes

Senior Movies Contributor

The Background: Mike Reyes is the Senior Movie Contributor at CinemaBlend, though that title’s more of a guideline really. Passionate about entertainment since grade school, the movies have always held a special place in his life, which explains his current occupation. Writing in some way, shape, or form since fifth grade, Mike’s time at CinemaBlend started in 2014, when he was hired as a freelance writer. In 2019, Mr. Reyes became a full time fixture of the CB staff, a decision that the management still hotly debates to this very day, questioning whether it was “a good idea, or the best idea?” Mike graduated from Drew University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, but swore off of running for public office a long time ago. You can hear him on various podcasts, you just need to know where to look.

What He's Into: This is a tough question to answer, as Mike’s kind of into a lot of things. Most prominently, he is CinemaBlend’s James Bond expert, thanks to being raised with a healthy appreciation for the storied spy series and anything espionage related. Mike has several other specialized fields that he’s been passionate about since his early years. Among those interests are breaking down the ins and outs of time travel, studying and admiring Large Scale Aggressors, Titans, Kaiju, and dinosaurs; as well as detective work. Adjacent to his entertainment interests, Mr. Reyes enjoys the worlds of high end mens fashion (eyewear included), fine alcohol and cocktails, and the comforts of a good book or video game. If you ask nicely, he might even dip back into his experience as a singer, just for fun.

What He's Excited About Right Now: The continuing hunt for the new James Bond, any and all updates about how Adam Wingard and Dan Stevens are turning Godzilla vs. Kong 2 into a stealth sequel to The Guest, and the potential for Tron: Ares to somehow be the sequel Tron: Ascension was promised to be. Also, a good excuse to be sent on another theme park assignment, and anything Guillermo del Toro has cooking,

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