Netflix's 'Damsel' Video Interviews With Millie Bobby Brown, Robin Wright And More

Millie Bobby Brown, Robin Wright, and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo sit down with CinemaBlend's Sean O'Connell to discuss their new Netflix film, "Damsel." Tune in to see Millie Bobby Brown name her favorite Pixar movie and gush about Taylor Swift, or to see Robin Wright reminisce about "The Princess Bride" and "House Of Cards." All of this plus tons more "Damsel" goodness.

Video Chapters: 

0:00 - Intro/Millie Bobby Brown Emmulating Taylor Swift 

0:26 - Robin Wright Reminisces About “The Princess Bride” And “Beowulf” 

0:54 - What Millie Bobby Brown Learned From “Godzilla” That She Brought To “Damsel” 

1:30 - “Damsel” Director On The Development Of The Dragon’s Voice 

2:40 - Robin Wright On How Claire Underwood Would Fare In The Dragon Pit 

3:15 - Millie Bobby Brown’s Ploy To Get Swifty Fans 

4:15 - How “Damsel’s” Filmmakers Lit The Dark Caves 

5:53 - The Moral Ambiguity Of “Damsel” 

6:20 - Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Hear From Pixar

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