Only Murders In The Building Season 4: Which Cast Members Are Returning, And Who Are The New Stars?

Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building Season 2 finale
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If you happen to be a character living at the Arconia or even stepping foot in the affluent apartment building, God help you, because there’s a not-insignificant chance you could be murdered within its premises. But one character’s untimely demise each season makes for captivating TV in real life, as Only Murders in the Building has cemented itself as one of the best Hulu TV shows. Only Murders Season 4 is now in the works, with the mystery this time around focused on who gunned down Jane Lynch’s Sazz Pataki, who recurred in the first three seasons.

While it has yet to be announced whether Hulu subscribers can look forward to Season 4 premiering sometime on the 2024 TV schedule or perhaps be saved until 2025, we do know who will be making up the cast for this next batch of episodes. So let’s go over which Only Murders in the Building cast members are returning for Season 4, and which new stars will be accompanying them.

Which Stars Are Returning From Past Seasons?

Steve Martin in Only Murders in the Building Season 3

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Steve Martin

As with the following two entries on this list, it’d be weird if Steve Martin didn’t return for Only Murders in the Building Season 4 considering he plays one of the main characters. That said, it’ll be especially important for Charles-Haden Savage to appear in Season 4 considering that not only was Sazz his longtime stunt double and they maintained a unique friendship, but she was killed in his apartment at the end of Only Murders Season 3. So naturally Charles has a personal stake in solving this mystery, though he’ll still need the help of his true crime aficionado cohorts to get to the bottom of what happened.

Martin Short in Only Murders in the Building Season 3

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Martin Short

Martin Short’s Oliver Putnam is back in Broadway’s good graces following the successful opening of Death Rattle Dazzle in the Season 3 finale, and much of that was him substituting for the lead role at the last minute. It remains to be seen if we’ll see him tackle another Broadway production during Season 4, though even if that’s the case, needless to say we won’t spend as much time following the making of the new play given. It’s also important to mention that Only Murders Season 4 will partly be set in Los Angeles, which will allow him to reunite with someone we’ll talk about shortly.

Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building Season 3

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Selena Gomez

We found out our main trio of characters with Selena Gomez’s Mabel Mora. Unlike Charles and Oliver though, Mabel no longer lives at the Arconia, as her aunt sold the apartment and she moved out in “CoBro.” It still hasn’t been revealed where Mabel is living now, but obviously she’ll still be spending plenty of time at the building spending time with her older friends as they attempt to solve Sazz’s murder. We also have yet to see if Mabel will maintain a long-distance relationship with Jesse William’s Tobert in Season 4 since he moved to Los Angeles, or if their time together is over.

Meryl Streep on Only Murders in the Building Season 3

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Meryl Streep

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 saw Oliver Putnam forming a romantic relationship with Loretta Durkin, one of the actresses he cast for Death Rattle Dazzle. Although there was a period where it seemed like Loretta might have been Ben Glenroy’s killer, that fortunately wasn’t the case, and by the end of the season, she was preparing to head to Los Angeles with Jeremy Shamos’ Dickie, her biological son, to pursue new professional opportunities. Well, good news for those of you who enjoyed Meryl Streep’s latest small screen performance, as she’ll continue recurring as Loretta in Season 4. I’d like to think this means that she and Oliver are still together, even if this means their relationship is now a long distance one.

Which Stars Are New For Season 4?

Pat Dubek worried in The Other Two

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Molly Shannon

So far Molly Shannon is the only new addition to Only Murders in the Building Season 4 for whom any concrete character details have been shared. The Saturday Night Live alum is reportedly playing “a high-powered LA businesswoman who finds herself drawn into the world of the investigation in NY.” So evidently she has some tie to Sazz’s murder, and assuming we meet her during the brief trip to Los Angeles at the beginning of the season, events will lead to her coming back to the Big Apple and continuing to interact with Charles, Oliver and Mabel. Shannon’s other recent TV credits include being a series regular on Max’s The Other Two and Showtime’s I Love That For You, both of which have ended.

Eva Longoria in Dora and the Lost City of Gold

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Eva Longoria

The only thing we know about Eva Longoria’s role in Only Murders is that her character “becomes integral to the twists and turns of this season’s investigation,” per Deadline. That doesn’t really help clear things up, as she could be anyone from one of Sazz’s friends to the killer! So hopefully some more information will come to light once Season 4 starts filming, or at least before the season premieres. In addition to this Hulu series, Longoria, who also recently directed the Hulu movie Flamin’ Hot, also has Land of Women coming up, which Apple TV+ subscribers will be able to stream. 

Eugene Levy on Schitt's Creek

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Eugene Levy

Way back in the day, Eugene Levy and Martin Short performed together on the sketch comedy series SCTV, and the two later appeared in Steve Martin’s Father of the Bride movies. Now Levy is finally getting to reunite with these two fellow comedic heavyweights thanks to Only Murders in the Building. It remains to be seen, though, if he’s playing an original character or, just like Sting, Amy Schumer and Matthew Broderick in prior seasons, he’ll recur as a fictional version of himself. If it’s the latter, then we can likely rule him out as a suspect and instead simply count on him having amusing interactions with the leading characters.

Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo in Eternals

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Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani is also set to appear in a recurring capacity on Only Murders Season 4. Like with Eva Mendes, his character is also to be important to this season's investigation, which may rule out him playing a fictional version of himself. Nanjiani's major credits from the last several years include Eternals, Migration, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Welcome to Chippendale's, the latter of which is also a Hulu-exclusive series. 2024 also see him starring in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover

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Zach Galifianakis

The list of comedic talents taking part in Only Murders Season 4 keeps growing, as Eva Longoria informed ET that Zach Galifianakis will appear. Just like with Longoria and Nanjiani, the actor's character will play an "integral" role in the investigation. Galifianakis, of course, is best known for playing Alan in the Hangover movies, but he's also well known for hosting Between Two Ferns and leading the TV show Baskets, as well as his roles in Birdman, The LEGO Batman Movie, A Wrinkle in Time and Ron's Gone Wrong.

Keep your eyes peeled on this space for more casting updates about Only Murders in the Building Season 4, as you can count on the lineup of participating talent growing a lot bigger. Feel free to also look through the new Hulu releases if you’re wanting to enjoy more content from the streaming service.

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