Philip Sledge

Philip Sledge

Content Writer

The Background: Philip Sledge is a content writer at CinemaBlend with a focus on longform features. He started writing for the website in December 2019, though his journey in journalism started years earlier. Writing gigs with school newspapers, multiple daily newspapers, and other varied job experiences led him to this point where he actually gets to write about movies, shows, wrestling, and documentaries (which is a huge win in his eyes).

What He's Into: As has been in the case for many years, Philip loves all things professional wrestling (especially early '90s WCW and late-stage WCW if we're being honest). But outside of the squared circle, Philip is obsessed with all things George A. Romero as you can probably tell by the plethora of zombie stories he's written over the years. Documentaries, especially Frontline specials, are another passion for Philip, and he can often be heard going on and on about why everyone should watch some random doc about an obscure movie no one has ever seen before.

What He's Excited About Right Now: Oppenheimer... so much so that his wife has asked him multiple times to stop talking about it (but he keeps doing it). He's also into Peacock's Twisted Metal series, which has rekindled his love of the classic vehicular combat video game. And since we're being all nostaglic, he's pumped to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.

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