Rafael De La Fuente Is Joining Fire Country Season 2, And It Looks Like There's More Trouble In Paradise For Bode And Gabriela

A screenshot of Max Thieriot in Fire Country and Rafael De La Fuente in Dynasty.
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While Bode has a lot going on at the moment following the wild Season 1 finale of Fire Country, one thing that seemed relatively stable (up until the last episode) was his relationship with Gabriela. However, it seems like there might be more trouble in what little paradise Max Thieriot’s character had, because Rafael de la Fuente has joined Season 2 of Fire Country as a paramedic/firefighter who will be spending a lot of time with Stephanie Arcila’s character. 

So, as we get ready for Fire Country’s premiere on the 2024 TV schedule, let’s chat about Rafael de la Fuente’s character Diego, and how he could shake things up. 

Rafael De La Fuente Is Joining The Cast Of Fire Country 

Rafael de la Fuente, who you might recognize as Sam from The CW's Dynasty, will be joining the cast as Diego, according to TV Line. Per the publication, Diego is a “charming and motivated paramedic/firefighter” and he served in Afghanistan as a combat vet. The most important thing about de la Fuente’s character is that he’s going to train Stephanie Arcila’s Gabriela for her paramedic certification. 

When de la Fuente posted the news to his Instagram – where he noted he was “pumped” to join the show – Arcila commented:

Yasssss! Welcome to our Fire Family! We are so excited to have you! 🔥✨

Along with the excited post and comments from people in the Fire Country cast, the actor also posted a photo of him in his Cal Fire uniform. So, get excited, because he’s looking great, and I’m sure he’s ready to make a major impact on the show:

Rafael De La Fuente taking a mirror selfie in the Fire Country Cal Fire uniform.

(Image credit: Rafael De La Fuente's Instagram)

Overall, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding this casting, however, on screen, it seems like this addition could bring the drama.  

How Could Rafael De La Fuente’s Character Impact Bode And Gabriela’s Relationship?

When this news broke, it was also announced that Rafael de la Fuente’s character would have “easy camaraderie” with Gabriela. Considering Bode is back in prison, and Arcila’s character was quite shocked by what happened, I don’t think it’s outlandish to think there’s trouble in paradise. And if I were to place bets, I’d say Diego might cause some more tension between our favorite couple on Fire Country

Based on Diego's description, he'll be spending a lot of time with Gabriela, and if sparks fly, things could turn into a wildfire if/when Bode gets back.

One of the major questions Season 2 of Fire Country needs to address is how Bode’s arrest will impact his relationships at home, specifically with Gabriela. They are in limbo at the moment, however, their connection is so strong, I feel like they have to be endgame. However, Mr. Diego might be a hurdle in their way. 

Fire Country Season 2 will premiere on Friday, February 16 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, and while we wait to see what happens with Diego, Gabriela and Bode, you can steam Season 1 of the drama with a Paramount+ subscription

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