Star Trek: Discovery’s Doug Jones Discusses The New Adventure Of Season 5 And How Season 4 Influenced The Story

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Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 4 ending featured some big moments for major characters and apparently influenced the story for Season 5. That may be odd for some fans to hear, considering that Season 5 appears to be full of action and unlike anything we’ve seen to date from the series. Doug Jones recently confirmed that there is some connective tissue between the two seasons, and explained how Season 4 influenced the story. 

I was honored to speak to Doug Jones in relation to Star Trek: Discovery 4’s physical media release, and in speaking to the actor about the previous season, we discussed Season 5 and how the first look appeared to show a season loaded with action. I asked him if those tuning in with their Paramount+ subscriptions should expect a season that’s a departure from previous ones, and learned the following: 

Well yeah, I think every season has been different from the one before it on our show. I think that's one thing we can say is that change is a constant on Star Trek: Discovery. Season five is no different than that. It's gonna involve a new adventure, and that involves change. I think when you when you watch a trailer, too, they're gonna show the action sequences. So it looks like it's just, you know bam bam, slam slam, but you know it still has its family-like feeling among the crew and some very heartfelt moments between characters. So all that's gonna be there. But our adventure does change from year to year.

Doug Jones said a lot that Star Trek: Discovery fans no doubt are interested in if they’re waiting on Season 5. Perhaps the biggest reveal is that while the trailer for Season 5 is action-packed, it’s possible that the action isn’t moving quite as rampant in the actual season as the trailer may imply. Fans worried that the series might’ve shifted too far from its roots to provide something new should breathe easy, as Jones seemed to reassure that the bones of what makes Discovery great are still there. 

Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery looks ambitious and sounds that way too based on its synopsis. We’ve learned Michael Burnham and the crew will travel in search of an ancient power that others around the galaxy are also pursuing. It sounds like a race between multiple parties to obtain this big and powerful item, which is unlike anything that the show has done previously. 

With that said, Doug Jones explained to CinemaBlend that Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery set up Season 5 in a big way. The actor explained that the adventure with the DMA and the story of making contact with Species 10-C proved a key thing for the series which made Season 5 possible: 

I think what Season 4 set up for us is that anything is possible. You know, when you're dealing with like the10-C, which is this humongous entity outside the galaxy somewhere, that you know, where we got to the border of the galaxy and burst through it to go meet them and negotiate with them, it was something never ever been done before. I think we established that ‘Hey, we can do a lot of things and anything is truly possible.’ So I think in Season 5, the issue that we're running around the galaxy to investigate and to maybe do something with is, it seems big. It seems bigger than all of us again, which this show is so good about. Reflecting that when there is something bigger than us, are there ways to negotiate and make peace and deal with it. And I think Season 5 is very successful in doing that.

If “anything is possible” is the main takeaway from Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 to Season 5, one has to wonder what’s in store. Personally, I’m just hoping for more updates on Saru and President T’Rina, as they’ve quickly become the new “it” couple of the franchise. I’m also eager to see what surprises are in store for this season and what surprises may not have been revealed in the first-look trailer. 

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 is on its way to Paramount+ as part of the 2023 TV schedule, but we’re still waiting on an official release date. Pick up Season 4 on Blu-ray, SteelBook or DVD right now, and relive the fun of one of the most exciting seasons of the series to date. 

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