Trishelle Explains Why She Voted Against CT On The Traitors, And Sandra Is Involved

Trishelle in The Traitors' finale
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Reality TV fans have been eating lately, thanks to the release of The Traitors Season 2, which is available with a Peacock subscription. While latecomers are still figuring out how to watch The Traitors Season 2, hardcore fans are still reeling from its twist ending. Now that the game is over, Trishelle Cannatella explained why she voted against CT at the fire ceremony, and it turns out that Survivor's Sandra Diaz-Twine was involved.

The cast of The Traitors Season 2 was full of royalty from the best reality shows, including The Challenge's Trishelle and CT. The pair made it all the way to the end, but cast votes against each other before betraying MJ and taking home the cash prize. While speaking with EW about the finale, she revealed where her last-minute suspicion for CT came from, offering:

We didn't have a lot of time to talk so it really felt quick. And I think CT was very rightfully so confused about why I wrote his name down. Sandra is so good, by the way. She said something to me earlier on in the castle like, 'Who do you think your Traitor angel is? I think mine's Phaedra. I think yours is CT. I think he's a Traitor and he's been protecting you this whole time.'

While Sandra might have been voted in the finale episode, the two-time Survivor winners managed to get into the head of Trishelle and influence her even after being eliminated. And suddenly Trishelle's vote against CT makes a lot more sense. 

Although Sandra took time before showing what she was made of on The Traitors, she proved what a strong strategic player she still is. She unfortunately was evicted at the round table, but her final comments continued to influence the game. Later in the same interview with EW, 

So my mind was going back to the torch ceremony, he might have not lit my torch because he was a Traitor and had gotten recruited and he wasn't going to murder me. Then he thankfully gave me the Shield that one time and I was like, ‘Maybe it's because he's a Traitor.’ I don't know, it was just kind of like messing with my head.

Trishelle was originally hurt that CT lit Phaedra torch and not her own, clearly that decision continued to have ramifications in the game. And that, combined with Sandra' comments, caused the Challenge alum to doubt her friend and colleague in the final moments of The Traitors. Sandra might have been voted out, but the ueen stays queen.

With Season 2 in the rear view, some fans are brainstorming ideas to improve The Traitors next season. I'm hoping that we get another all-star cast, and that new twists are introduced to switch things up.

The Traitors is streaming now on Peacock, including the UK and Australian versions. Check the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch. 

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