Wish’s Harvey Guillén Shares Hopes For A Queer Disney Princess, And I Totally Agree

Asha and Gabo in Wish
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Disney’s Wish was a movie that, in its structure and numerous easter eggs, was designed to celebrate 100 years of Disney’s animation. While Disney has certainly evolved over the decades, one thing that fans have wanted to see, that has yet to materialize is a queer Disney Princess, but one member of the Wish cast thinks that’s something that we could see see, and sooner than we might think.

Harvey Guillén of What We Do In The Shadows plays Gabo in Wish and speaking with ComicBook.com, he expressed interest in seeing a queer Disney Princess, calling the idea “fantastic.” While there’s no indication that such a thing is in the works, Guillén thinks Disney is headed in the right direction toward a day when it could happen. He said…

I think they're making strides in the right direction. I think it's hard to rebuild a wheel that's already been in motion for a while, and it's hard to think of a new direction, especially in where we're at with the world, but they're putting their best foot forward, I think. And sometimes those things take time and I'm optimistic. And like you said, if a queer princess comes along, that'd be fantastic.

It certainly would be fantastic. Disney Princesses have become iconic over the last century, and while they have evolved in recent decades to more accurately reflect the world they exist in, seeing a queer character in that space is one place we have yet to go. It would mean a lot to millions of people to see themselves reflected in a Disney Princess that way.

Hopes for a queer Disney Princess have only been increasing in recent years. While we have seen Disney’s animated heroines shift away from romantically based stories, such that characters like Frozen’s Elsa, Moana, Raya, and Wish’s own Asha are not confirmed to be straight, that next step to recognize them as queer has yet to be taken.

Elsa is a specific fan-favorite that some have called to see her revealed as gay. Ahead of Frozen II, there was something of a fan uprising hoping Elsa would be confirmed as queer in the sequel. That didn’t happen, but we do know that Frozen III is in development now, so such things are still technically possible.

Kelly Marie Tran has also suggested that Raya might be gay The voice of Moana, Auli’i Cravalho has come out as bisexual, and we are getting a surprise Moana 2 movie later this year, so who knows, maybe we'll learn something about Moana in the sequel that we didn't know.

There is plenty of room in the world of the Disney Princess for all kinds, so there’s no reason that we can’t have a queer Disney Princess. It does seem likely that day will come, the bigger question is just how long we’ll have to wait to see it. Harvey Guillén thinks it is something we could see in this lifetime. I hope he’s right.

Dirk Libbey
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