Glen Powell Has The Perfect Comment About Another Team Up With Sydney Sweeney, But I'm More Excited To Hear His Thoughts On SNL

Glen Powell shirtless in Anyone But You
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Glen Powell is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s best actors, thanks largely to the extraordinary chemistry he has with all of his co-stars. Despite releasing in 2018, fans still want to see him reunite with Zoey Deutch after their Netflix romantic comedy. He was phenomenal in Top Gun: Maverick and now he’s making headlines again for his role opposite Sydney Sweeney in the record-breaking romantic comedy Anyone But You. 

Already being hailed by many as one of the best rom-coms of the 2020s, it’s no surprise that Powell and Sweeney are both interested in working together again. It would be nice to have a new Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks or Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore pairing leading the charge in romantic comedies every few years. But neither actor is ruling out any genre; in fact, Powell was adamant that they’re not going to rush into things when he spoke with ET at The Oscars, saying: 

Sydney and I are definitely going to be back in the trenches together. We do not know what that looks like, but we’re not gonna pull the trigger until we see the perfect Bullseye, so!

Fans might not be happy about having to wait to see these two share the big screen again, but it is reassuring to know that they’re not going to jump into just any movie. Rest assured though, that the pair are actively looking for new projects which the Top Gun: Maverick star confirmed to Variety last month at the SAG awards. And if fans really want to see them on-screen together, they can check out Sweeney’s Saturday Night Live episode which featured Powell twice, which is available with an active Peacock subscription

She kicked things off during her monologue, shouting out her real-life fiance Jonathan Davino before cameras panned to Powell in the audience. Then, at the end of the show, the Twister star appeared in an actual sketch where he played a boss who is having an affair with one of his employees (Sweeney). 

When asked about if he had fun performing alongside her, Powell had the following to say: 

So fun, yeah. It was just a blast. Sydney and I have been just teammates in this whole thing, and this movie’s been such a fun ride to be on. To obviously get to do this at SNL, it’s like the ultimate place to get to finish that. I would love to host, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I hope Lorne Michaels and whoever does SNL’s booking is listening because Powell would make the perfect host. Not only is his comedic timing impeccable, but his ability to connect with all his co-stars would, no doubt, make him a dream collaborator with the variety show’s cast. I can already picture the hilarious antic he could get up to with Bowen Yang or SNL's breakout "Featured Player" Marcello Hernandez. 

With Powell’s new movie Twister coming out this summer, it’s the perfect time to get him on the historic Rockefeller Plaza stage. It would be a great way to build buzz ahead of the movie and before Season 49 ends. Or, the hosting gig could be used to garner attention for the movie after its release and kickstart the historic 50th season of Saturday Night Live. Both options seem great to me as long as we get to hear him deliver his own monologue sooner rather than later. 

For now, fans can catch the duo in Anyone But You which is available on multiple VOD platforms. Though appearing separately, they both have exciting 2024 movie releases slated to be released with Sweeney’s horror movie Immaculate coming out on March 22nd and Powell’s Twister set for July 19th. 

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