Megan Fox Tried The Pink Hair, Don't Care Look After Razzie Win, And She Really Pulled It Off

Megan Fox naked dress 2021 VMAs.
(Image credit: (Photo by Kevin Mazur/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images for MTV/ ViacomCBS))

It’s been a big week for 2024 Oscar winners like Robert Downey Jr., Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Emma Stone, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, the Razzies also announced their winners. Shortly after Megan Fox landed two of the not-so-wonderful trophies for her roles in the Expendables 4 and Johnny & Clyde, she took to Instagram to show off a wet (and pink) hair look. 

I’m glad the actress was feeling great about herself in the post, which was shared shortly after it was announced she’d taken home two Golden Raspberry Awards for two separate projects in 2024. No one likes to be called out for work that was maybe less-than-stellar on such a public platform, and it’s probably doubly insulting given Fox’s inclusion in Expend4bles brought some more female power to the franchise and was one of the major selling points when the movie was coming together to boot. 

She’s in good company with people like Madonna (who has seven awards and nine nominations) and Adam Sandler, who has several Razzies to his name himself. But she seems to be taking things in stride, or at least ignoring the "accolade," which is the opposite tactic to how Dwayne Johnson responded when he won a Razzie for Baywatch

The Expend4bles actress has been rocking pink hair in recent weeks, which has been a fun look as the weather has started warming up. This time around she pulled her hair into twists and gave us the wet hair look that has been making a comeback in recent weeks. Kylie Jenner recently re-popularized the “wet look” during a Paris fashion show moment for Jean Paul Gaultier, and Fox added a new way to show off the look in her recent glam session.

Although, honestly, we may need to go back a little bit further in cinematic history to see where this wet trend is originating. If I had to venture a guess, it might very well be making a comeback because of Channing Tatum’s infamous Magic Mike’s Last Dance trailer. He definitely went for the whole shirtless and wet on the dance floor vibe a little over a year ago. 

Meanwhile, while waking up to a Razzie is probably not the best feeling for any actor or actress, Fox is definitely getting the whole fashion game right. She’s usually on the cutting edge of any trends as they come down the pipeline, and sometimes we can even credit her for those trends, as happened when she wore a naked dress to the VMAs as that trend was kicking off. Coincidentally, that was another time she’d rocked that slick, wet hair look as well. 

Megan Fox has only been back on social media for a few months after she took a big break amidst some alleged break-up drama with MGK. Her big comeback was a Diablo IV announcement video, though she has a couple of projects in the works: Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin and Subservience. Here’s hoping neither of those will land her any more Golden Raspberry awards.

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